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AEI的 职场英语℠ program provides businesses with customized English language training for their non-native English-speaking employees. 

Our aim is to improve employee English skills for optimum productivity, 有效的沟通, and interaction within the workplace. 

We make sure that your employees gain practical improvements in their communicative English, which they can use in the workplace immediately.


专业 &

The 职场英语 program is grounded in AEI的 proprietary technology of teaching English to non-native speakers.

We integrate this technology and our world-class curriculum with the unique needs and goals of your company and employees.

选项 & 定价

Our program can be delivered online or onsite at your company offices or workspace.

We offer multiple pricing options to meet your needs, budget, and goals.

高质量的 &

All our instructors are master-level ESL (English as a Second Language) certified, each with extensive experience.

Our instructors have been rigorously trained in AEI的 curriculum. They are eager to learn about your business, meet you and your employees, and deliver success!


"I used to take so much time to come up with what I wanted to say in English, but the teachers always asked me to talk about myself in a friendly way. Attending the Business English at AEI taught me to just speak without overthinking. Living in bet9官网app下载 and attending classes were the best memories."

Kubota, Research and Development

"AEI的 职场英语 program has improved my English skills a lot! By agreeing with my AEI instructor on which skill areas would be the most fruitful for me to improve upon, we have been able to get excellent results. My 职场英语 lessons have boosted my confidence especially when speaking with colleagues and vendors. The instructor's tailor-made... lessons coupled with my motivation to communicate better when using English are blossoming into functional fluency on the job"

Majid Moghadam,伊朗

"I learned a lot of new words and idioms in business to work with foreign engineers in the future. I can't imagine a more ideal place to study English than bet9官网app下载bet9九州app下载 because each person suppoprted me. 谢谢你所做的一切!"

Satoshi Takaki,日本

"Up to the end, AEI的 职场英语 program has been an excellent means to improve my English..."

Adeline Mezidor,海地
Emory Healthcare, Administrative  Assistant


1. After we receive your initial inquiry, AEI的 Business Development office will contact you for a short consultation to discuss any questions you may have, 你的企业目标, and any specific needs that you may have.
2. After the consultation, you will complete a formal 应用程序, using additional copies of the application's second page for multiple students.
3. AEI will work with you to develop an approved, customized program curriculum, 时间表, and to finalize all details.
4. AEI will then provide a formal proposal to your business or organization for final approval.
5. 批准, AEI will administer formal or informal employee testing to determine the precise English proficiency level and abilities of your employees.
               • Students must be at or about the same level in order to be grouped together into classes.
               • AEI will specify all books and other learning materials relative to the class skill levels.
6. You will provide any workplace materials that are critical to employee success such as manuals, 工作描述, 工厂的照片, 等. 对AEI.
7. We start the 职场英语 program with your employees according to the 时间表 and you will start seeing progress!
8. As we work together, there we will be a few ongoing efforts including:
               • AEI will encourage and support your employees.
               • AEI will periodically measure and report on employee progress.
               • The organization/business and AEI communicate to provide feedback and facilitate any necessary adjustments.
9. Upon completion of the program, you can expect a final report from AEI.

Note: Traditionally, standard contracts are of six-month duration,
renewable, and consist of two class times each week
for two hours per online session or small onsite class.


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1. 提交查询: 
Fill out our inquiry form below, email us at,或致电我们 (770) 455-9226 to start conversations and ask questions.

2. 提交申请:
要开始这个过程, click here to download the application. Please use additional copies of the application's second page, as necessary, for additional students. Then email the complete copy to 或者传真到770.455.8336


If you are interested in bet9官网app下载bet9九州app下载 developing a program for your business, please fill out the form below, and a representative will contact you to further discuss your goals and then develop a program with those goals and your budget in mind.

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