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Who Should Attend AEI?

Driven Individuals

Atlanta English Institute is serious about learning. Though we’ve created a comfortable, student-centered environment, we maintain our professionalism and focus on helping students find the most efficient and effective ways to learn English and accomplish their goals.

The majority of our student body is made up of professionals who already have undergraduate or advanced degrees from their home countries. AEI is the best choice for those students that are driven and want to put in the focus and work necessary to move ahead quickly.

Those Understanding English Is A Global Language

If you love to travel, you have likely realized that English has become a global language. No matter where you are traveling, visiting, or moving to, it is likely someone will speak English.

Though all our students come to AEI to learn to speak English, they also make friends from all around the world from different backgrounds with various goals.

Those Seeking Excellence

Atlanta English Institute celebrates more than 30 years of academic excellence in English language training. As the oldest and most prestigious ESL school in Atlanta, AEI has been awarded several accreditations and is affiliated with multiple ESL organizations.

Many of our students choose AEI for our reputation and standards of excellence as a recognized private school within the ESL community.

Those Seeking To Attend An American University or College

Graduating from an American College carries global respect. The advanced technology and specified focus that some of the US schools offer require English proficiency before students are permitted to enroll.

Many of our students must master all skill areas for college admission. These students commonly take both Intensive English and Test Preparation courses. One of Atlanta English Institute’s specialties is helping these students to enter desired universities or colleges.

Those Struggling with English

People come to the US for different reasons….and their families often make the journey with them. While one person may be fluent in English, the others will need to live here also. All people are individuals and learn at different speeds and in different ways. Some people will catch onto a new language relatively quickly while others will need to take more time or use a different method to learn it. Here are a few of the most common situations where AEI can help those struggling with English:

A lot of times someone will move their family to the US for work. They may speak sufficient English but their spouse is having a hard time acclimating to the United States and communicating with others while here. These are perfect candidates to join our program.

Sometimes, people move to the US for work or to raise their family in the states. They may then dream of bringing their parents over from their home country once they have established themselves here in the USA, allowing their own children to spend life with their grandparents. These family members do well at AEI also, learning how to communicate once in the USA.

While AEI’s main programs are focused towards adults, we do offer a summer program to help children. As part of summer tutoring, children that have moved to the US from other countries are taught how to better communicate in English once arriving to the USA. This will often improve their regular studies and relieve some of the stress that comes when getting acclimated to a new country. Sometimes, children are brought over when a family moves from a different country and sometimes we see children that are adopted by an American family that want to help their new family members adjust to life in the states.

Those Moving to the USA

Some people have always dreamed of moving to the United States. Whether you are coming to the US to attend college, start your career, expand your opportunities in your home country, or in preparation of an international venture, you will likely need to prepare by learning English.

At Atlanta English Institute, we help students Experience English in its native land.

Those Seeking Career Advancement

Some people know that learning English will help them advance in their career. Whether by getting a promotion or simply doing better with a multi-lingual job, English is often considered a great asset.

In addition to students coming from their home country, AEI also helps students such as businessmen who are already settled in America but want to improve their English in order to expand their opportunities.

After learning English as a Second Language, our former students and graduates are successfully pursuing their careers or further education in the US or their home countries.

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